Spoiler Review: Not that Kind of Guy by Andie J. Christopher

*Spoilers Ahead!*

*CW: Mention of an abortion*

Here’s the deal: I didn’t connect with Andie J. Christopher’s first book, Not the Girl You Marry and ended up DNFing it about half way through. But I really love her story ideas and wanted to give her books another chance: Enter Not that Kind of Guy

Recap: State attorney Bridget Nolan is successful in all aspects of her life—except romance. After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, she’s been slow to reenter the dating scene. To be honest, she has more important things to do like putting bad guys behind bars. But with her brother’s wedding right around the corner, she suddenly needs a date and fast. Lucky for Bridget, the legal intern is almost done with his program.

Matt Kido is dumbstruck by Bridget—total love at first sight—but there’s one problem. She’s totally off-limits while she’s his boss. But the moment he no longer reports to her, Matt decides to take a chance. An impulsive decision takes them to Las Vegas where, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you put a ring on it.

What I liked: 

I did really like Bridget and Matt as individuals. I thought Matt was really sweet and kind and a wonderful love interest, while Bridget was smart and witty. I thought they had great chemistry and were really good for each other.

What I didn’t connect with: 

It felt like a lot happened. First they meet while Matt is interning with Bridget, then his internship ends and Bridget asks Matt to pretend to be her date to her brother’s wedding activities so she can avoid her ex-boyfriend Chris (who she doesn’t have feelings for), then they get drunk and get married while in Vegas, then they decide to stay married to help her avoid Chris (again, a guy she doesn’t even want anything to do with) and Matt agrees so he can make his ex-girlfriend leave him alone and make his parents mad (????), then he gets the flu and disappears for a few days so Matt’s mom takes this moment to come in and try to bribe Bridget to stay away from Matt, Matt finds out and thinks Bridget is only with him for his money (he’s a billionaire, btw), they fight, get divorced, makeup, get engaged, the end. There was just so much plot that, for me, it made it hard for me to fully get on board and root for their relationship.

We didn’t read when Matt’s feelings for Bridget changed. I don’t mind insta-love, but with Bridget and Matt it felt like it was never explained why they felt such an instant connection. I think it’s because we don’t really see the sparks fly between them during his internship (time jumps, so it’s told, but not really shown).

Rating 2.8-3/5 stars

Steam Level: 🔥 (aka I learned that compensating a marriage after saying “I do” equals no annulment)

*I received an arc courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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